Why CorelDraw May Be Better Than Adobe Illustrator

and Adobe Illustrator (AI) are both great vector graphics editors. And there has been a lot of discussions or arguments about which one is better.

When it comes to graphics editing, more artists and designers go for AI because of its fame. But that doesn’t mean CorelDraw is a worse choice. It has a lot of advantages that can make it a better choice for you.

Ease of Use

If you’re considering ease of use or efficiency, CorelDraw is a better option.

CorelDraw has a more simplified workflow and a more friendly user-interface. You can design something with a shorter time using CorelDraw. The commonly-used tools is eaiser to use tool. For example, it’s easier to work with tables on CorelDraw than on Illustrator. Also, it’s faster to draw lines on CorelDraw than to mess with the handles of the Illustrator’s pen tool.


CorelDraw can do things with great precision, the pixel-level precision. The powerful snapping features of CorelDraw helps easily you align and object to an exact number or pixel. This is helpful when you or your client requires a high-level precision for your design.


CorelDraw can open a lot of file types. It is compatilbe with the AI, PSD, DWG, SVG, PDF, DOCX, XLSX types and so on!

No matter what tools you’re using, your own skills always play an significant role in graphics editing. But a more friendly tool, like CorelDraw, can help you do more with less. We suggest you give it a try and see if it is a better fit for you.

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