What is a WPD File? And How to Open a WPD File?

Seeing a WPD (or .wpd) file on your computer, but don’t know what this file is? This post shows you the detailed information on this file format, and how you can open it.

What is a WPD file?

A WPD (.wpd) file is actually a text document file that is created by the word processing program Corel WordPerfect. This file format contains formatted text, tables, and graphics. Once you are able to open it with WordPerfect, you can edit the content (just like what you are able to do to a .doc/.docx file with Microsoft Word.)

How to open a WPD file?

Since it is a file format created by WordPerfect, you can undoubtedly use this program to open a WPD file.

Although it is primarily associated with WordPerfect, a WPD file can be opened by other word processing programs, like:

  • Microsoft Office
  • LibreOffice
  • Apache OpenOffice

If you want to convert it to another file format, you can open it with one of these programs, then export it as another file type.

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