Best Sneaker Bots in 2022

The shoes are the most important part of any outfit. They are the one thing that can make or break an outfit. They are also the most expensive part of any outfit, and for those who want to save money, it is a challenge to find good deals on shoes.

Luckily, there are many sneaker bots out there that can help you find great deals on your favorite sneakers.

Sneaker bots work by scanning different websites for deals and automatically placing orders for you when they find a deal. There are many different sneaker bots available out there, so it is important to do research before deciding which bot to use.

Here we have compiled a list of best sneaker bots. Take a look at them below and see if any of them can be helpful to you.

Best sneaker bots in 2022

1. AIO Bot

AIO Bot is one of the most popular sneaker bots on the net when it comes to sneaker bots to buy Adidas Yeezys. Although it was one of the first to hit the market, it is still reliable. Search and carry out the purchase automatically of all the sneaker models that you have previously registered. As for the interface, if you are a beginner, you should get used to it as it is not easy. Anyway, if you have general knowledge, you will be able to use this bot easily and quickly. The major advantage of this bot is that it supports more than 74 different sneaker stores, and today it is the bot with the highest number of stores.

Even beginners can configure their bot easily.

  • Create unlimited profiles to position yourself on several excluded at the same time. Add your billing and shipping information in the AIO Bot software settings.
  • Choose from the 200 sites referenced on AIO Bot to position yourself on the next releases.
  • Then, When the sneakers come out, the algorithm does all the work for you. It will use the information you provide to buy your favorite pair of sneakers.

2. EasyCop

One of the most promising sneaker bots in the market that has recently joined the industry is EasyCop Bot. In just one month, this sneaker bot has become hugely popular!

Easy Cop is a Windows-only computer program with variable prices. So, depending on your needs, you can pay between $95 and $299 for this bot to buy sneakers.

And, for good reason, sneakerheads can buy the Black NMD HU, the Yeezy 380 Natural and Carbon, and the Kobe Bruce Lee, on which ECB obtained a 95% success rate.

Some of its main features are that it provides automatic payment features, regular updates, and replenishment tracking. It also has more features, but you need to subscribe to a higher package. Their more expensive plans provide a white label feature and a notification feature in case of a successful purchase. Also, if you are interested in agency support and account generators, you should also pay more and choose one of the more expensive plans.

EasyCop Bot completely dominates the Footsites market thanks to the many built-in features such as:

  • Automatic updates;
  • Browser spoofing;
  • Profile converter;
  • Unlimited queries;
  • A proxy tester;
  • Premium coping;
  • Fast payment

3. Ganesh Bot

Ganesh is considered one of the best bots for buying sneakers on EU sites. At the store level, Ganesh offers support for stores such as:

  • Footlocker;
  • Yeezy;
  • Mesh;
  • Finish Line;
  • Hibbett;
  • Ambush;
  • Off White;
  • Snipes;
  • Solebox;
  • Zalando;
  • Offspring;

Ganesh users can create different profiles and quickly configure tasks on the simplified software. They can also use a user-friendly graphical interface or a bare-bones CLI version.

The huge advantage of Ganesh Bot is that they have implemented a system that bypasses protections against sites. This system is a real asset to avoiding web restrictions using the proxy.

Among the products that Ganesh users have been able to buy, some that are as exclusive as the Jordan 5 Oregon, the AJ5, the Nike Sacai Vaporwaffle, or the AJ1 Lucky Green stand out. Although its original price is around $550, you may not find licenses available; So getting Ganesh may mean going to the secondary market and paying more than double or triple its base price.

4. Botbroker

Do you really want to become the best in acquiring sneakers? With Botbroker, you can buy and sell sneaker bots easily and securely.

With nearly 50,000 successful trades and 29 supported bots, this is the platform to have on hand to ensure you’re always one step ahead of the competition.

Buy on Botbroker in 3 steps.

  • Browse the best sneaker bots from the hundreds of verified listings and instantly download the ones that interest you.
  • Buy any listing immediately or bid at a price that works for you. Botbroker takes care of the rest and puts you in touch with the seller.
  • Once you have purchased the Sneakerbot that is right for you, you can set it up within a minute of your purchase.

Selling on Botbroker in 3 steps

  • List your sneaker bot for sale on Botbroker at the price you want.
  • Your ad automatically appears in front of thousands of verified buyers.
  • The purchase is made in complete safety, and you receive your payment automatically.

5. Nike Slayer

Nike Slayer is the most specialized bot on the market. It focuses on very specific sites like Eastbay, Footlocker, Champs Sports, or FootAction and offers customer service through Twitter, Facebook, live chat, and email.

Nike Slayer offers tailor-made services that adapt to all your needs. Depending on your budget and objectives, Team Slayer offers you the best solution adapted to your profile.

Take advantage of the advantages of the complete package to order any pair of sneakers in record time. The interface is user-friendly, and the documentation is clear in order to make the configuration accessible to beginners.

Nike Slayer gives you complete control over your licenses. Schedule, track, sort, and receive notifications on your mobile to check the work of the bot. In addition, it offers a unique system that allows you to buy several pairs of sneakers at the same time.

And that’s not all! you can easily integrate Proxy servers into the platform with their built-in proxy tester.

Also, Nike Slayer has a different approach to buying sneakers than other bots. On the one hand, it offers brutal usability with a simple interface, but on the other hand, it provides limited features. In the same way, being a bot specialized in specific websites and brands, it does not support as many e-commerce. Here it is up to each of you to assess whether its average price of $250 is worth it.

6. The Cybersole Bot

​​Cyber sole is a sneaker bot that has proven itself time after time in the sneaker industry. It started in 2017 and has gained a reputation as solid as its level of success. Cyber ​​supports Shopify, Footsites, Supreme, Finishline, and the like. Actually, in general, 270+ stores. However, if you are a Mac user, Cyber ​​is only available for Windows 8 and 10. And if your targets are Adidas and Nike, this bot is not for you. But when you weigh the pros and cons, you know that Cyber ​​is one of the best running shoe bots out there.

If you’re looking for a copy, it’s unfortunately OOS. Though they restock randomly, so better beware. 

And if you want it right now, you’ll have to pay a few hundred in the resale market. And if you don’t want to make that kind of commitment just yet, renting doesn’t seem too bad!

7. The NikeShoeBot NSB bot

NikeShoeBot is a useful sneaker bot that is available on the market. Of course, the regular security and updates of the NSB bot kept it strong during all the hard times. NSB supports Adidas, Shopify, YeezySupply, Footsites, and Supreme. NikeShoeBot support over 300 sites. And indeed, not just NSB running shoes! You can also use Kylie Cosmetics for makeup and Kith for clothes. So, when I say “all in one,” I mean it.

The best part though? This bot is actually more on stock, unlike many other bots that fall under the same category! So if you’re just getting started in the bot world, $349 is a pretty good deal. For that money, you will probably save thousands of dollars for your pleasure! You can always check the success of users on Twitter before making a decision. Finally, NSB works on Mac and Windows. Therefore, no matter what OS you are running, you can use it.

8. Another Nike Bot

Hugely popular on Reddit, Another Nike Bot supports Nike SNKRS stores in the US, Japan, UK, China, EU, Australia, and even Hong Kong.

A real asset for sneaker lovers because this software integrates 40 cop sites. With ANB Bot, you can create up to 100 different accounts! Which is a real advantage to buy several sneakers of various editions or of the same edition.

However, you can only use Another Nike Bot on one PC. If you want to use it on more than one device, you will need to purchase the license that allows you to.

The icing on the cake, Another Nike Bot has a Twitter Sniper function and countdown support. ANB is extremely appreciated by sneaker botting experts and has a high satisfaction rate.

9. Teambnb

Teambnb offers the best sneaker bot for tracking down Nike sneakers. Available in all countries (except China), this bot performs on all regions of the Nike site.

This sneaker bot offers a version for beginners at $200 and a more complete version at $600.

The all-in-one bot

As the name suggests, the all-in-one bot supports many online sneaker stores, such as:

  • Locker ;
  • Footaction
  • East Bay;
  • Champsports;
  • Finishing line ;
  • Supreme NYC, EU, JP;
  • Shoe Palace.

With the features offered by Teambnb linked to Proxy servers, you will easily find the nuggets of the market.

10. Kodai

If you are looking for a Footsites bot, Kodai is one of the best sneaker bots for the job. It’s actually an all-in-one bot that supports Shopify, Supreme, YeezySupply, and Adidas! But Kodai mostly built its name on the exciting success of Footsites. It also helps that most stock usually falls there!

Like any other sneaker bot, there is a downside to Kodai. It’s out of stock for new users, but you can follow him on Twitter for any additions! If you don’t catch any of them, you can get your copy, well, a lot. Therefore, if you do not have such an amount of cash, it is better to wait for the replenishment of the stock.

It allows you to:

  • Manage and sort your tasks simply;
  • Personalize your profile according to your needs;
  • Integrate residential proxies;
  • Analyze your tasks, and monitor your performance;
  • Configure infinite automated actions;
  • And much more.

What are Sneaker Bots?

A sneaker bot is an application or automated program used to speed up the checkout process when shopping online. You can run it from any computer.

The programs facilitate the purchase of extremely limited items, which often end up in the secondary market, where they are sold for profit. Many of these items are almost impossible to buy without a bot because if not you, then someone else will definitely use it, and the goods will run out quickly.

How do Sneaker Bots Work?

In easy words, you provide the bot with information about yourself (such as credit card number, name, shipping address, etc.) and then specify what to buy. You can do it in several ways, but the most common is to enter a URL or keywords. Shoppers often look for the most up-to-date information (such as a product URL) in so-called “cook groups” that help with monitoring.

Once launched, the bot automates the process of placing an order and buying goods much faster than a human can do – bots can place an order in just 0.2 seconds.

Although it sounds so simple, actually working with sneaker bots can be complicated, as with them, you also have to use proxies and servers. The server is a virtual computer on which you can run bots, increasing their speed and improving the connection to the site. Proxies are unique IP addresses that allow you to be multiple users at the same time. It can come in handy if, for example, when purchasing a Yeezy, you want to take more than one seat in the online queue, as this increases the chances of completing the purchase. Without a proxy, the site will be able to identify all entries coming from the same source and block your IP address.

How to choose the right sneaker bot?

Aspects to take into account when acquiring sneaker bots to buy sneakers.


Surely you will ask yourself: What is a server to buy SNKRS? Well, don’t worry, I will tell you in a simple way. A sneaker bot server is optimized to run processes as quickly as possible. Do not forget that there are transactions that are lost by milliseconds.

They are usually pre-configured VPN servers close to the main sneaker stores where you can easily install the bots. Likewise, using a browser with a VPN can also help in this regard.


It is possible that when purchasing bots to buy Nike, they may offer proxy support. However, some of the cheaper bots do not offer proxy support services. So it is important to pay attention to this feature so as not to get hung up on the raffles. 

Mail account

This aspect is very important if you are going to acquire dozens of units since many stores block purchases to certain units (2 or 3) per user and validate based on the mailing address, delivery address, card number, or IP. Therefore, you should pay attention to fake users offered by bots.


Regular updates are one of the most important aspects when acquiring a bot to buy limited edition Zapas. Some bots include this feature (those acquired through a lifetime license), while others charge for it separately (renewal system). It is essential to have the bot regularly updated since stores are constantly improving the usability of the websites. So the fields can change location, add or remove steps in the purchase process, and change labels of the fields.

Customer service

In addition, it is essential that the bot you choose has excellent customer service. Since speed is the most important thing when buying a limited edition Adidas Yeezy, the response time of the SAC is essential. Since every SNKRS bot will tell you they have the best customer service, you’re better off doing your own research by asking other users for cook groups or Discord servers.

We hope you enjoyed reading this guide on the best sneaker bots and it can really help you choose the sneaker bot that suits you. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below! 

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