Fix Pinterest Not working on Chrome

A lot of Google Chrome users are having issues with Pinterest — the site or the Pinterest plug-in can work or load properly on their Chrome browser. If that’s the case for you, you may be very annoying…

But relax! Here we have a few effective troubleshooting methods that have helped a lot of people. Take a look at them below!

Relaunch hardware acceleration on your Chrome browser

Step 1: Click the options button (upper right), and then click Settings.

Step 2: Search “acceleration” using the search bar at the top.

Step 3: Turn on hardware acceleration and then turn it back on.

Step 4: Restart your browser and test your Pinterest issue.

Clear your Chrome browser cache

Step 1: On your browser, press the Ctrl, Shift and Del keys.

Step 2: Set the time range to cover all your browser data, then select cookies and cache to delete.

Step 3: Click the clear button to clear these data.

Step 4: See if this fixed your Pinterest issue.

Check your other Chrome extensions

Step 1: On your Chrome browser, enter the following address in the address bar:


Step 2: Check the extensions you’re using on your Chrome browser. Some of them may be the cause of your Pinterest issue. Try identify the problem extension by disabling them one at a time and test your issue.

Reset your Chrome settings to the default

Step 1: Click the options button (upper right), and then click Settings.

Step 2: Click Advanced at the bottom.

Step 3: Click Restore settings to their original defaults.

Step 4: Click Reset settings.

Are these fixes are helpful for you? Or do you have other effective fixes? Tell us by leaving a comment below!

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