How to Remove Echo on Your Video Conference

Annoyed by the echo noise on your video conference? In fact, whether the echo is from yourself or from others, it can be fixed. In this post, we will show you an effective tool to help you remove echo on your video conference.

Echo removing tool

You can use a noise cancellation program to remove room echo when you’re having a conference call. The app we suggest you use is Krisp. You can use it on conference apps like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, etc.

Krisp helps you reduce unwanted ambient sounds, like street noises, dog barks, child screams, … And what’s more, it is free to use. So you can give it a try without taking any risk.

To use Krisp to remove room echo:

Step 1: Sign up for Krisp and download and install the Krisp app.

Step 2: Run Krisp and sign in your account.

Step 3: Choose the conference or video call app you use. This will show you a video tutorial that can help you set this tool up

Step 4: Select your microphone and make sure Remove Noise is enabled.

This will remove the echo from your speeches. If you want to remove echo from others, enable the Remove Noise option for your speaker.

Step 5: Now test to hear if this improve your audio quality.

Note: You can use Krisp for free, but you have only 120 minutes per week on the free plan. To unlock more features, you need to upgrade to its paid plan.

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