This Video Is Not Available in Your Country: How to Fix?

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Try to watch a YouTube video but get a message “This video is not available in your country” instead? This is a very common error for the YouTube users. It means there is a regional restriction for this video, and you happen to be in a country that the video is not allowed to play.

But that doesn’t mean you are unable to watch the video at all. There are still some very effective methods you can try to get around it…

Method 1: Use a VPN

VPN is usually an effective solution to this kind of problems. Using a VPN is just like browsing the Internet at a different location, so this helps you bypass the YouTube video restriction.

The VPN we think best suits this job is NordVPN. The reason is that it provides you with connection to the servers at multiple locations around the world. And you can change location with just a mouse click. With these features, you can easily find the right location and unlock the video you want to watch.

NordVPN is very easy to set up. All you need to do is just two or three clicks or taps:

  1. Download and install NordVPN on your computer.
  2. Run NordVPN and sign in your account.
  3. Click the Connect switch. This will automatically connect you to the VPN server recommended for your device.

That’s it. Everything is set up! Now you can try playing the video and see if the error message is gone.

This should be enough to play the video not available in your country. But if not, there is still other method that can help you.

Method 2: Use a YouTube video downloader

When you can’t watch the YouTube video online, then watch it offline. You can download the video and watch it on your own computer.

There are several ways you can download a YouTube video. The simplest way is to use an online video downloader. You can search for one of these tools on the Internet, paste the video link into it, and follow the instruction to download it onto your computer.

Does one of the tips above help you bypass the restrictions and get rid of “This video is not available in your country”? Tell us by leaving a comment below!

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