How to Use a Command to Run Control Panel Tools

When you want to change your Windows computer settings, such as changing your hardware settings or uninstalling a program, usually you’ll go to Control Panel.

But this is sometimes complicated, as you have to know the correct way to find the right item. So there has been a lot of people thinking if there is a quicker way.

The good news is there is! You can get to these tools with the help of some Run commands. Here is how:

The Run commands you can use

This is a list of Run commands you can use to access the Control Panel items. Click here or the commands below to know what it does in detail. And click here if you don’t know how to use them.

controlOpen Control Panel
control printersOpen the Devices and Printers settings
sysdm.cplOpen System Properties
appwiz.cplOpen Programs and Features
desk.cplOpen the Display settings
mmsys.cpl Open the Sound settings
main.cplOpen Mouse Properties
main.cpl keyboardOpen Keyboard Properties
inetcpl.cplOpen Internet Properties
ncpa.cplOpen the Network Connections settings
powercfg.cplOpen the Power Options settings
timedate.cpl Open the Date and Time settings
intl.cplOpen the Region settings
fontsOpen the Font settings
joy.cplOpen the Game Controllers settings

The Run commands you can use (in detail)


This opens the Control Panel itself.

control printers

This opens the Devices and Printers settings. Here you can view the devices and printers connected to your computer, and even change the settings of them.



This opens the Programs and Features window. Usually you uninstall the programs on your computer here.


This opens the window where you can configure the display settings on your Windows computer.


This opens the Sound dialog, where you can change the settings of the audio devices on your computer.


This opens the Mouse Properties dialog. If you want to change the settings of your mouse, this is the place you should go.

main.cpl keyboard

This opens the Keyboard Properties dialog. You change your keyboard settings here.


This opens the Internet Properties dialog. With this dialog, you can change some of your Internet settings and the settings of your Internet Explorer (IE) browser.


This opens the Network Connections windows. It allows you to view what network adapters you have on your computer and their status, and to modify some Internet settings related to your network adapter.


This opens the Power Options settings. It allows you to choose a plan on how your computer use power or the battery, and to configure the settings of these plans.


This opens the Date and Time dialog, which allows you to view and change the date and time on your computer. You can also change your time settings here.


This opens the Region dialog. You changes your regional and date format settings here.


This opens the Fonts window, where you can manage your fonts installed on your ccomputer.


This opens the Game Controllers dialog. All your connected game controllers are shown here. And it allows you to manage their settings.

How to use these Run commands

To run one of these commands, just open the Run box, and then enter the command. To do so:

  1. Press the Win and R keys on your keyboard.
  2. Type the command you want to run. (The screenshot below shows the command “ncpa.cpl” as an example.)
  3. Click OK.

That’s it! Hopefully this post is helpful to you. If you know there are other commands that can be put on here

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